Saturday, November 26, 2011

Satoshi-kun, tanjoubi omedetou~~

today, is...


Here I want to present my works (kind of awful) that I created specially ONLY for Ohno Satoshi!!

Without realizing it, this guy is already 31 !! can it be!!??

But, behind the question, I know the reason very well (maybe same goes to the other Arashian),
but we'll keep the secret to our self..., because we knew their 'secret' of keep being young ~~

What do you think?
It kind of bad, huh?
Well, I'm still learning...and still planning on doing more..
Please give me some support...(What am I doing?)

Till then...sayonara..

*It seem like my wish for Satoshi this year is kind a...plain maybe*
*I'll do my best~~*

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