Monday, November 7, 2011

my 憧憬 (aspiration) this school holiday !!

Assalam...With many this and that, I did not realize that it already 2 weeks after my last entry..??!!
Why is that th...

Oh well...just let it be!
Because right '憧憬 ' for this upcoming holiday is too piled up,so, I want to list some of them here!
And, I really hope that it can be granted in this 'until next year' holiday !!Amin !!

MY 憧憬 n I'll TRY MY BEST TO ACHIEVE IT !! (頑張ります!!)

i - To go and have the test for motorcycle license! Of course, I'll want the license!!
ii - マラソン! 毎日、少なくとも1キロ歩く!
iii - Search for an extra class, so that I can improve my Add. Math !!

Well, that is the most three things I REALLY want to do achieve! (できれば今年です!)
If I can, after I manage to get my license (motorcycle),I want to wander around my residential house!!
Well, I'll work hard (even in this holiday) to achieve that!!
It might be hard.., but I'll try my best!!
Who knows, I can change myself a bit, right?
Wish the best for me !!

*Arashi's new single, [Meikyuu Love Song]..*
*I LOVE IT !!!*

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