Friday, November 18, 2011

Yesterday was.......

Hey! Sorry cause I forgot to write the report about my class's end-year feast, which was yesterday...
Well, my comment?
I don't know...
I have nothing to record or catch or whatever that I can kept as the 'memory' of the 'Jamuan Akhir Tahun 4SH'..,
And that was definitely...troublesome!

But, looking back about yesterday...,
Hmmm....wakannai ya~~
I don't know..!
I mean, I came early in the morning, but somehow it did not change anything!
In the end, we still started the event LATE for almost 30 minutes!!
What do-!
Okay..just forget about it..
Same goes with the other event..

The result; nothing really caught my heart yesterday (except for the 1st part of the 1st event)
But still, I enjoyed myself yesterday..
The memorial souvenir for each students + teachers was THE BEST !!
(It was a small glass bottle; filled with some shredded papers + teachers' messages to us + 2 chocolates!!)


Well, well...maybe that was the 'small bit' of my favourite about yesterday..

Today was the last day for school; which mean...(finally) HOLIDAY !!

I'll try my best to finish my 'little dream' for that I wanted to do this holiday..

So, that's all for today maybe??
I just found another TV show (korea) that attracted me SO MUCH!!
So, I'm waiting for it~~
Of course, I'll be downloading Arashi's stuff from now on too!!

That's all...

*Lee teuk oppa married?!*
*Aigoo...kawaii !! *
*please spare for any mistakes of the words..*

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