Thursday, December 1, 2011

Arashi [CM] Hitachi ON LED feat. Ohno and Ninomiya

Yezza...It seem like I've managed to do this CM caps..

The CM featuring Ohno Satoshi and Ninomiya Kazunari, and the product is the LED Ceiling Light.

The CM first show the two of them were lost in an unknown place.

Suddenly, a light was seemed to choose Ninomiya as it target!!

It was an UFO !! And Ninomiya was...flying!
"Leader! Help me, Leader!" Ninomiya said as he was sucked into the mysterious UFO.

Ohno's reaction : "Nino !!"

"Help me, Leader!"

Suddenly, another Nino come behind Ohno, and said, "That is an UFO."

Ohno : "Eh?"

Ninomiya was yelling "Leader!" here but no voice was heard.

Ninomiya was saying something about the UFO's shape but I can't detected what was he saying..

Ohno : "Eh? Ehhhh~?"

Ohno : "Are?"

Ohno : "Ah, another UFO again!"

Ninomiya : "No, it's not. That is the newest LED light."

Ohno : "LED?"

Ninomiya : "It's really bright, isn't?"

Ohno : "Ah, you're right."

When Ninomiya was passing the drink (tea maybe) to Ohno,

Suddenly 'the real' Ninomiya barged in!
Ninomiya : "Leader!"

Ohno : "Nino?" (confused face)

Ninomiya : "That guy is.."

Ohno : "Eh?"

Ohmiya : "Mochiron shouene!" (Of course it energy conservation)

Of course again, it's HITACHI; Inspire The Next


I've finished it on time!!
But, I really have fun doing this...

Oh ya, by the way...
I have nothing to do with HITACHI, I just want to spread my love towards this boys' performance in these CM.
Yes, 'these' , so it mean...MORE [CM] TO COME !!

Wait for it~~

*Sugoi UFO suddenly come to catch Kazu!!*
*So, who is exactly...the 'Ninomiya' who is talking to Ohno about the LED light?*

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