Monday, December 5, 2011

Mario Kart 7 [CM] with Arashi III

For the Talk part, I'll divide into 3 parts; 2:2:2 because it have all total of 6.
So, please enjoy..

MK7 - Talk version 1 (30 seconds)

Waiting for question patiently...

Sakurai : (read as stated at the screen) "Talk about the machine's customize"

Aiba : "They have the compatibility, right?"

Ninomiya : "Between the character and the cart, right?"

Ninomiya : "..between the tyre or something like that.."
Aiba : "Yeah.."

Aiba : "and the wing (attached on the cart).."
-'Beast Kite'

-'Basabasa (loose/rustle) Kite'


Aiba : "And they have the red thing, something like big tyre right?"
Ninomiya : "Wild Red..?"
-'Sports Tyre'

-'Super kinoko' (mushroom)

-'Wood Ring'

-'Wild Red'

Sakurai : "That's really stand out...that kind of.."
Aiba : "That one really is cool! Really cool!"

Aiba : "Of course I want to make it look cool, and also the acceleration and also the speed of it."
Sakurai : "You have done something stylish like that?"
Aiba : "Of course!"

-'Cobalt Seven'

-'Dangan (bullet) Dock'

Aiba : "But with all that I've done, I've eternity get the 4th, 5th place"

MK7 - Talk version 2 (30 seconds)

Waiting..the question on the screen

Sakurai : (as he read the screen) "The extend course of land, ocean and sky"

Sakurai : "When you fly in the sky..,"

Sakurai : " feel somehow exciting, isn't? "
Aiba&Matsumoto : "It really feel like that.."

Matsumoto : "Moreover, you can control it by yourself, right? The height..."

Sakurai : "When you push the button down, it will go up, right?" - (He is using the Onomatopoeia word, 'Guu~to' and 'Winnn~')

Aiba : "Yeah, yeah!"

Ninomiya : "But there where you'll fall down, right?"

Ninomiya : "So it depends until where you want to fly, right?"

Sakurai : "The man who talking about Mario Kart is Mario is amusing, ne?"

Ninomiya : "It is, right?"
Others : "Haha.."

Sakurai : "Ah, it fly! It fly! It fly!"

Aiba&Sakurai : "Oooohhhh~!"

Will be continue~~

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