Monday, December 5, 2011

Mario Kart 7 [CM] with Arashi V

MK7 - Talk version 5 (30 seconds)

For the 2nd last time...waiting!

Sakurai : "The skills of way to use the item"

Matsumoto : " 'Lucky-Seven' is cool, ne?" - ('Lucky-Seven is the condition when someone got to use all seven items, and it is rare!)

Matsumoto : "Where all the items were arranged around the cart..."

Aiba : "That is really, can make your spirits increase, right!"

Ninomiya : "With that, you immediately feel like a celebrity,ne?"

Aiba : "But, that thing is difficult..."

Aiba : "You don't know what will appear,right?"

Matsumoto : "You can use what appear in front, doesn't?

Aiba : "But, because I don't get the explanation about that..."

Matsumoto : "I also don't get the explanation too, about that.."
Others : (laugh)

Ninomiya : "I got the Lucky-Seven!"

Ninomiya : "This is so awesome!"

Ninomiya : "Wah! It feel like a dream!"


MK7 - Talk version 6 (30 seconds)

Ninomiya : "Nanda..?" - (finally someone talk at this time..)

Sakurai : " Mario Kart aru aru" (that always happen)

Ohno : "I always got caught by banana skins~!"

Sakurai : "That's right! This person..., it's something like.."

Sakurai : "...something like before the jumping slide...,"
Ninomiya&Aiba : "Sou, sou..."

Sakurai : "...when turning on the curve, something like that!"

Sakurai : "It always caught on him! - (he mean Ohno's character)

Matsumoto : "Somehow, it feel like it attracting, right?"

Ohno : "Before the goal, I always got that, doesn't?

Ohno : "And then, Matsumoto will take my place at the goal before me..."

Ohno : "It feel like I got attract by that thing..."


te ten ten ten ten te ten...(Mario's music)
I've finished it~~
Somehow..I feel like I have done something!
well, something like that.

Dou desu ka?
hope you enjoy all this MK7..
I'm sorry if there is any grammatical error..
I'm still learning.., but I'll do my best!

mata ne~~

*waiting for my 'L' license...~*

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