Monday, December 5, 2011

Mario Kart 7 [CM] with Arashi II

MK7 - Play version 2 (30 seconds)

Sakurai : "Kuh hu hu hu..."

Sakurai : "Ah! If I get hit by donkey, it already hopeless!" - (because Sakurai's character is small)

Sakurai : "Dare donkey?" (who is the donkey?)

Ohno : "Washi !" (Me; mostly used by elderly men)
Others : "Haha!"

Ohno : "I want to become number 1..."

Ninomiya : " I'll understand you! Because you already got there, right?" - (Ohno is in second, its normal to get the number 1)

Matsumoto : " Oh crap! Mario is behind me!"

Ninomiya : (while throwing the banana skin to Matsumoto's character) "Ah ha ha ha!!"

Ninomiya : "Somebody try stop that kid ( Matsumoto) ! Somebody!"

Matsumoto : "Stop it! Stop it!"

Matsumoto : Please! Let me get to the goal!"

Matsumoto : "Oh, danger! danger!" - (because something coming at the front before the goal line)

Boom! Matsumoto's car explode!

Matsumoto : "Ah I've been defeated! At the very end..."

Ninomiya raised his hands because when Matsumoto's car explode, Ninomiya got the 1st place instead of the explode Matsumoto.

To be continued~~

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