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I REALLY want to say this to the person named Aiba Masaki ! (refer to the title)

Aiba Masaki, thanks for your hard work yesterday !! (Saturday, April 14th 2012)

(credits to
This was the schedule for NTV yesterday. (Sat, 14/4)

Sat 14
05:30 - 08:00 (NTV) Zoom in Saturday - Aiba
14:30 - 16:55 (NTV) Only tonight! Doyou no Aiba-chan!? 生でムチャぶり大作戦!国民投票SP
19:00 - 19:56 (NTV) Tensai! Shimura dobutsuen - Aiba
19:56 - 20:54 (NTV) Sekai Ichi Uketai - Aiba (Aiba will be live at show's ending)
21:00 - 22:24 (NTV) Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri ep 1 30 min extra!!! - Aiba
22:24 - 23:18 (NTV) Arashi ni Shiyagare

For your information, Zoom in Saturday was in live broadcast. Same goes to Only tonight! Doyou no Aiba-chan!? 生でムチャぶり大作戦!国民投票SP. It was all for the PR for his 'Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri' first On Air.
Until the end of Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri Ep.1, he was at NTV for almost 18 hours !! 18 HOURS !!

I mean...can you believe that??!!
Okay, I know some might say, "Oh, it just the first episode, what with all the PR and bla bla bla..."
Here I say...
for the sake of his drama, he sacrifice his 'Saturday time'. He was in NTV for almost a day, I believe!!
for the 生でムチャぶり大作戦! , there was a live nation vote that started at 7.55 until 20.54 and there were 4 choices that audiences can choose what he have to do after his drama first episode end.
A. Do the most popular entertainer/comedians' gag 10 consecutive.
B. Eat wasabi sushi
C. Love scene with onee (drag queen)
D. Being slap by a fighter but with a fine face

Well, I was surprised when I read all of this (especially no.3),
but in the end, I voted for No.1 and No.2 !!
Of course I don't like the proposal number 3 (the C one)
so desperately I vote for the A and B.

In the end, B got the highest vote.
If possible ,of course I don't want Aiba to do any of the four, but I was SO GLAD when the wasabi sushi got the highest vote!!
eating wasabi sushi is much better than the love scene with....(I don't want to write that name.)

If can, I really want to say the 'お疲れ様でした!' to our hardworking Aiba Masaki !!
Our miracle boy !!

Talk about miracle boy, I watched [Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri], and really !!
You are a talented person, Aiba Masaki!!
I just love the combination between Yoshitarou and Holmes (the cat, of course)
(p/s : I'll post some screen-caps later.)

And, I loved the pace of the story.

Because I have other work to do,
I post my comment+screen-caps of yesterday drama later!

以上、Dani でした !!

*Aiba Masaki, 最高!!*
*Oh, my neck hurt...*

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