Friday, April 6, 2012

talking about Mannequin 5 ; Spring SP 5th...

Today..want to post my comment about the Mannequin 5 ; Spring SP 5th,
here you go!

The five outfits...who is who?

Well...there you go!
The comment I sent together with  vote was :
For mannequin NO.1 : The outfit that suit Ohno-kun well.
For mannequin NO.2 : It will be much cool if you wear socks.
For mannequin NO.3 : A stylish company president on his break time.
For mannequin NO.4 : It is more cute than to say cool...
For mannequin NO.5 : The combination at the upper half is splendid. The tie and the belt is cute!

What do you think? Kind of suck, right? Hehehe

Actually, many fans said that No.5 is Aiba-ppoi, and that also include me.
The green colour, the three-quarter length, and great at combining the shirt and the necktie+belt...

And! One of the employee from a shop at shopping mall they went and used for this time Mannequin 5 post a picture on his/her blog.

Of course, I was surprised, but I just smile when I saw it.
The employee just say, "there is someone from the member (Arashi) who took the whole coordination of the mannequin that already in the shop. Please wait for it! "

This what I want to say...
IF !
The No.5 Mannequin is Aiba's choice...I think he deserve to do that. 
If you watched the past Mannequin 5 SP 1st until 4th, the four member (except Aiba) once, even twice, had cheat..well, copy the real mannequin + taking other member's disguise/camouflage. I know that fans will say he's not the cheating type...but if the other had done it, why not Aiba? Then it will be fair !

So, IF Mannequin NO.5 is Aiba, I don't care! Even if NO.5 get the 1st place, I'll just clap my hands. I will not complaint.
But, IF IT NOT Aiba, I'll feel somehow...sad? 
Or...brown teddy bear emoticons 16 brown teddy bear emoticons 16


Okay ! That's all for today...
Feeling somehow...frustrated right now.
Why? Only I know..and maybe if I get the opportunity to say it..
I'll say.

Ijyou, Dani deshita!

*Somehow...I still don't get the new format 'create new post' of blogger...*
*Will try again...there still much time. ....Maybe.*

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