Thursday, December 27, 2012

It should not be ending like that, honestly....T^T


sorry for the two entries for today...,
it just that I can't hold in anymore in my own way...,
so here I am, writing my 'sadness' caused by Merlin.
(beware for those who still haven't watch the last episode of Merlin, this entry does contain spoiler)

Still remember this picture that I once posted in one of my entry?

Yes, today's second entry is about Merlin...,
one of my favourite TV shows...
yeah, I never did emphasized Merlin as my favourite TV shows,
but, this is the reality.
I REALLY LOVE MERLIN !! (Take note..Merlin!)
I never realized since when Merlin had became my 'passion' .
..well, one of passion, maybe (other than Arashi! hekhek!)

The 13th episode of Merlin Season 5,
it was the last episode, apparently....(although I don't really want to believe it! Huhu...)
Yes, I've been keeping track, watching Merlin every episode starting from Season 1 (although I had to search for it..),
And now....the last episode appeared.

I'm not really 'that kind' of fanatic fan of Merlin,
but I just love the lessons,morals that I got from each episode (well, most of them just showed how fool Arthur was, trusting every people, and how Merlin came and rescued the day...),
and of course, the feeling of friendship that was born between Arthur and Merlin without both of them realized...,
I was very touched with that.

In the last episode..., 'The Diamond of The Day;Part Two',
I cried by the scene where Merlin finally confessed to Arthur about his true identity;a sorcerer, a man who have magic.
I cried when Arthur said to Merlin, "Leave me," after he heard about it.
I do understand about the hatred for magic that Arthur planted in his mind, but....*sigh*

I laughed of happiness when Arthur asked Merlin, "why don't you use the magic" when Merlin tried to light up a fire using the matchstick. 
Because it clearly showed, Arthur starting to accept Merlin's magic.
I grinned foolishly when Arthur watched Merlin doing magic to distract the Morgana's knight, and Merlin made a cool comment when Arthur said, "You've done this before"

I was shocked and tears were brimming when Gwaine died because of Morgana, and Percival had to witness his death.
I was touched when Arthur said to Merlin, "I don't want you to change. I just want be you. I'm sorry about how I treated you,"

I was really scared when Morgana suddenly appeared from nowhere to kill Arthur, but of course, Merlin was Morgana's doom, so she died in the hand of Merlin.
I cried again when the scene showed Merlin carrying Arthur, they fell down, Merlin trying his best to bring Arthur to the lake of Avalon but Arthur told Merlin to just hold him, and I just kept crying when Arthur said "I want to say, something that I never say to you before", and it was "Thank you" to Merlin...
and in the end....Arthur died.
When Merlin put their foreheads together, it was too sad !!

The tears falling on my cheek non-stop even after that miserable scene.
Merlin still tried his best to bring Arthur to the lake, and when he said "I can't lose him! He's my friend" to Killgharrah (the dragon that helped Merlin brought Arthur to the lake) when the dragon said, "there's nothing you can do(to help Arthur come back to life)"

Merlin took Kilgharrah's words and accepted the death of Arthur.
He threw the Excalibur(sword) into the lake and an arm went out from the lake and caught that sword. 
Well, from my opinion, the arm could be Arthur's soul or something..., I'm not sure.
Finally, Arthur was put in a wood boat and Merlin moved it using magic to the lake...while crying.
And, it was 'Long live the Queen' for Guinevere.
P/S : The End.

Okay, overall, Merlin has put the hat down.
It's over...
and it means, no more Merlin episodes for me...

That's sad.
Really sad.

I think, there will be no more TV shows (English) that I will watch.
It will be hard.

Thank you, Merlin for making my days full with emotions!

last pics of merlin :
(credits are NOT MINE)

Time's up!
I'm just getting, more and more sentimental here, so I'll stop now!
Thanks for those who read this..'long' entry.

Until then,
see you!

*I'm being serious about those tears, honestly...*
*and it is good as I missed my tears~ :p*

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