Tuesday, December 4, 2012

when something is blocked.... [困る]

Good morning !

I have nothing much, just want to release all my anger, okay maybe my stress?


I thought that after I have done all the big exams (for 5 years), my wish to work by myself would come true.
But, yeah, future is not everything that we can control.

My dream; what I really wanted to do after I've finished my exam :
- get a part-time job (I don't really mind anywhere)
- as a 'arranging' staff (not the one who talk to/service the customer, but the one who do all the arranging/decorating and etc)
- InsyaAllah, when I get my first salary, I WILL give them to my parents (this is really my dream!)
- this might be the bonus, I can cut down my weight...? (because I'll walk to the work place)

But, there is some objections from my parents; my mum especially.
She's the one who told me, "Don't just stay in the room, facing the laptop. Do some work. Go and walk" and whatsoever...

So, what is exactly she wanted me to do?

I thought that if I get/find a job, I could be outside of the house, doing something I've never done before.
Even my English teacher once told, "It is good to have many working experiences, no matter what kind of job (which is 'halal' for me),"...

Why cannot I grab that 'experience'?
Why I am not allowed to do things I've always wanted to do? (which I believe is a good thing)
Why cannot I try to reduce the 'problem' in my house? (I know that sometimes, I create problem in my house)

It is not a complain to anyone, just a reminder for myself.
I'm not mad or angry with anyone, just a voice from my little heart.

I'll try and do my best to settle this dilemma.
Until then, just pray the best for me here, and the after world.

Ijyou, Dani deshita !

*This got nothing to do with this post, but I just LOVE all the songs in Arashi's [Popcorn] album*
*Just can't wait for the [AraFes] to get out of the Johnny's Entertainment.*

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