Thursday, December 27, 2012

Okay, I'm dead tired !

Dani desu....^_^

First day working, today.
Yep, I'm almost died but don't worry, I'm not that weak.

I think I will do some 'diary' about my 'working days'...
Reason? I don't know, just for fun maybe. Wahaha! I'm really  a weirdo!

Day 1 :
- 'Finally' understand the purpose of EA (examination attendant)
- Met some new friends (which were also EA's)
- Met really cool and sporting invigilators (that look after me in the room I was told to hold)
- First class ever, I got to be on duty in a class, (yes, not the hall, yet!)
- ...well, they were really trying their hard! << I'm talking the serious thing here, I'm not teasing or anything!
- And, somehow that class kind << I just couldn't find the perfect word for it...
- The second class, luckily, it was really...'cool', cold and..breezy! (Sorry for my poor vocabulary..hehe...)
- At the exam division (where we sign in and out), we had fun 'tearing up' the unused answer booklets. "Let just broke up" , then, 'zrap, zrap' ! << btw, it an onomatopoeia for tearing papers..
- lastly, I got a little annoyed (well, it could just be because I was tired that time) with the person that held the division for the salary (yatta! I got salary~).
-....then I got home about an hour ago...

The End.

Okay folks, just wait for tomorrow for the '2nd day' diary~

Ijyou, Dani deshita!

*It got nothing to do with this, but watching [AraFes] with the 'Shake It' performance, it is really a great 'appetizer' for me!*
*wehehe~~, what am I, a stalker or a hentai...?!* 

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