Monday, January 7, 2013

Yeah, I met nice peoples again today... ^_^


I'll just start my diary right away~~

Day 8 (countdown till last day : 3 days) :
- Arrived as usual at the store room, sharp at 8 AM.
- Somehow, many of my girl colleagues wore baju kurung today..When they decided that?
- For the first session, I got the PA Block. Yeah, countless time already, but never mind.
- And, I got the first PA venue, which is PA1. Yes! It's at the ground floor~~
- The paper was the Measurement of External Works (don't ask me what it was about, I have NO IDEA about it), so, each candidates got two tables for themselves.
- And, the room felt much wider as there were only 39 students inside the PA1 venue. Okay, that's better maybe.
- Got two men as the invigilator, a Chinese lecturer and a Malay lecturer. Alhamdulillah, both of them were really nice to me. The Chinese lecturer even joked with me; as I introduced myself,
"Just called me Dani",
"oh, Dani ah? Later, I might call you Darling ma(in a Chinese slang),"
- Yeah, I laughed with that. Somehow, it feel nice to have a joke with someone you just met for the first time. Hm!
- Forgot to say, it was 3-hours paper for the morning session. But, as my venue was at the ground floor, I have no complain when I had to go and accompany the candidates to the toilet countless time.
- On the candidates table, there were too many stuff/papers/plan and whatsoever! Even watching them made me go, "uwaahhh!!"
- The paper finished at 12 noon, and I packed everything (that I supposed to) and brought them back to the head counter.
- Quickly went 'to search' for sugar a.k.a. glucose/sweet things as I was wobbling and my head started to knock themselves. Yeah, I almost faint. (..yeah, right)
- Just kidding about that, but I really need to recharge back my glucose loss, and I just ordered an ice tea for my drink.
- ...Becoz I was searching for sugar, not food ! I just don't understand which part they couldn't caught up my words. (I was a bit mad at some- no! A person that time)
- Just let that be...
- Got back at the store room, and I got the H Block. Just beside the store room block actually. Hihi !!
- Fortunately, it was 2-hours paper for the evening session. Yippi~~
- And, both the invigilators in-charge were men. Today, I have a luck with men, maybe? Haha! XD
- They really nice people. They talked to me. They smiled at me. (yeah, normal stuff....)
- I was kind of tired actually on the evening side. My venue was at the upper floor;the third floor.
- And, going back and forth accompanying student to the toilet was honestly tiring!
- But, I used to it! Hehhe...
- Got nothing interesting among the students (just they were..erm..I don't know), and the paper ended.
- Together with the stationery box (that contain all tools for the invigilator&EA to use) and the unused answer booklet, we head back to the office. Yeah, no need the van, just walk!
- Finished the last work for today, and found out I will be working on 10th January for my last day. Yeah, it almost finish...
- 'Played' a bit with my best friend, and went home safely.

The End.

Erm..yep! You can see that countdown.
My job is coming near the 'ending'.
I'll make a total conclusion about my job after I end my last day working.

Until then,
mattete ne~~

*I'm sorry but it seemed like I made a mistake about someone on my previous, previous entry*
*Will correct it ASAP ! Really sorry~!*

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