Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Okay, I got an off day tomorrow~~


As I got the 10th January as my last day working as EA, I got tomorrow off~

And, here's today's summary!

Day 9 (countdown till last day : 2 days) :
- Got a little bit late today. Never mind about that. Hehe...
- They said the venue for today was just about 3 blocks, so most for the class venue got 2 EAs
- I got the PA Block for the morning session, and guess what? The other EA was my best friend! Haha~ how lucky was that? ^_^
- We get PA6, and that venue was quite big (and all seats were used), total of students was 118. Maybe becoz of that number, it felt big? Hm...?
- Went to toilet  quite a few times, and there was boy EA, he said that the invigilator that worked with him, brought 3 students at one time! I just, "what? can we do that?"
- Because the person who did that was the invigilator a.k.a. one of the lecturer itself, so even the EA boy did the same a few times. Oh, yeah! It was 3-hours 15 minutes paper by the way. That why I met the same EA again and again...Can't help that.
- Rushed back to our office, and quickly signed off as we didn't have much time to eat. Then, our chief said, "You can return back at 1.15, so careful and go eat."
-'Yahoo' is the word I really wanted to say that time, but feeling that the others EAs (who were in the same block with me) were very thrilled about that, I just grinned foolishly.
- Somehow, we got back a little late as the chief said, "you're late ma..you have to walk by yourselves. Here, check your venue".
- Oopsii...sorry becoz we're late. But, no complain as we walked quickly and went to search for our assigned venue.
- I got the M Block (the second time) and immediately signed my name and ran to my specified class.
- Got to work with 2 male invigilators, and luckily, they were nice. (eventhough there were not so many  conversation)
- The exam that evening was the Engineering paper. Once the candidates were allowed to get in their venue, I just saw...all boys. Okay, it's fine. Just boys kept going inside. You gotta be kidding.... All boys again...
Oh no...
- Until there were only 3 girls got in the venue, I exhaled with relief. Piyuuh~
- Got nothing interesting, just kept seeing 4 boys on the back 'discussing' when they thought no one was watching. haha, my eyes were running over you~
- But, until the end, I just let them be. After all, candidates discussing secretly were quite difficult to prove their wrong action, while it is much easier to prove candidate who bring in notes/small paper.
- The 2-hours paper ended safely, and as usual, tearing up papers session.
- Somehow, the air in the room that we always use whenever all the EA's got back from their venue and to continue our job by tear up/count the unused answer booklet was..different a bit.
- Yes, maybe the other EA also had the same thought that I had. It was our last day for together, all EA's to gather in a bunch; chatting, joking with each other.
- Then, some of them asked for our email/Facebook so that they could add or keep in touch. Yeah, I love that idea.
- Everyone (including me) were asking each other, "9 or 10?", meaning whether they work at 9th or 10th January. If they got the same date, then they would say, "let's meet again tomorrow". If the date were different, then some would hug or shake hands.
- It was a touching scene actually. I never ever thought our relationship would become this close, just in about 2 weeks. Wasn't it cool?
- We(me and my best friend) waved our hand to other EA who went to the opposite direction. Went to bought some drinks, before me and my best friend(she got the 9th, while I'm 10th) walked going to our own way.
- Got home before 6 pm.

The End.

Quite 'tough' to replay back my mind about this whole day.
but, honestly, all these days, it was the best experience!

I'll...do my best, posting the last entry about my last day working...on the 10th January, Thursday.
Until then...wait for me~~ ^_^

*I really need to buy a new earphone!! Warrgghhh!*
*Planning to visit my school tomorrow....Hm...dou deshou? *

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