Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm just....too bored!

Hey, hey dou~mo!

I just sound like having fun, but nah!
It just the 'boring-ism' got into me today....
Yeah, I have many gadget I can use...but somehow I have ni idea what 'to do' with them.
If only I'm working this time....

Ok, it's not like I'm complaining to anyone or whatsoever..,
it just when it became that way.., I couldn't help but to sigh all morning..
..well, might be all day.

Nevertheless, I still haven't neglect all the 'tasks' given to me by my mum.
That is the only thing that can keep me out from being bored...

Why just thing have to be this way...?

Okay, I'll stop here as everything started to become awkward right now.
Ciou! (did I got this right?)

Until then...later!

*Today : Drama [Last Hope], 2nd episode. I really can't wait for it!!*
*And please Mr.Johnnys, put on the full [Calling] song!! Pleasepleaseplease!!*

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