Thursday, January 10, 2013

And, it's done!


Yes, finally...
right now I just want to..jump and run all over the world expressing how happy+satisfy I was today! (truly hyperbola! wahaha!!)

Day 10; Last day :
- Okay, folks...once again, I was a minute late after 8 AM. Wahaha! Why people always like that?
- There were only 14 of us (Examination Attendants) today. Yeah...the last 14 EA's.
- Got the PA Block. I have lost count how many times I went to patrol that block. There were only the PA and the M block today. Well, let just put aside!
- This morning, my assigned class was changed 2 times! First, becoz of an EA who was absent. Next, because there was one EA got sudden asthma (not really 'that' terrible, though).
- As a 'good kid', I just smiled and 'Okay! I don't mind!" while running to the assigned class.
- Once I entered the class, I encountered two women, one seemed much older than the other.
- They're very nice. Well, what else can I say? They're just..nice people, really. (sorry, sudden lost of vocabulary)
- Before the exam started, another lecturer/invigilator, male this time came in. Yeah, as usual, "you can call me Dani."
- It might be that today was the last day, that I met with a lot of 'new' things, or should I say...feelings?
- When it was time for the candidates to enter the venue, the head invigilator, the older woman got up to work.
- She read the instructions, WITH a very loud voice that I never heard before these past working days. She seemed very strict with the instruction, especially about the cheating between candidates and going to the toilet stuffs.
- She even told all the candidates (which were already in their seats, preparing for the exam) to "STAND UP! Get everything out of your pocket!"
- I was like...'wow' in my mind. Of course, it is definitely one of the best way to prevent students from cheating in the examination.
- Maybe becoz the 'strictness' were intended to the candidates, so I didn't thought about her being 'too' strict. Well, different people have different way of thinking, right?
- Chatted a bit with the male lecturer/invigilator as he was the one who asked me about the head invigilator(when she was not in the venue that time). He's really friendly, I got to say. He even told me about the salary, how do we get it, how it was different in other department and many more.
- He said he just started working as a lecturer at the TAR College(TARC) 6 months ago. He even shared information about universities, and of course, he asked me if I wanted to join the TARC later. I just nodded and smiled shyly, as I still have no idea about that. And, I already set my mind that, I would search for the government universities/IPT's first before choosing on the private school.
- Of course, if my fate is at the TARC, I'll go. It's not a bad thing...
- Okay, the morning paper was a 3-hour 15 minutes paper, and here! First time ever I know the exact numberof me going to the toilet;accompanying the student.
- I was at the 2nd floor, and I went 16 TIMES! Wow~~ that's really tough!!
- Went to eat lunch at the TARC canteen 1...after all, it was the last day...
- Got back at the store room before the other. Nevermind about that.
- For the evening session, only the PA block was used. And the 12 EA's (the other 2 worked at the office) went to the same destination, the PA Block. Our last job place...
- You know what? I got to work together with the 'strict' older woman, AGAIN ! What a miracle~
- As I already knew her, the work got easier. And the same thing happened when the candidates were all inside the venue, on their seats. Some of the students who sat at the back giggled with the way the woman invigilator 'shouted'. Whatever...
- The 2-hours paper went just fine, and I went to accompany the student to the toilet, only ONCE! Haha...
- And, returned back to our office..., I quickly tried to finish 'my last job' on TARC, while some were 'trying' to 'store' their last memory in that office maybe, and even cause the senior brother got 'pissed off' and was throwing 'fire' at some certain person. Well, the truth was the jealousy... What an unreasonable excuse. haiihh~~
- Okay,'s almost the end now. Bought my last 'Each-a-Cup' at TARC. Hehe...
- Got back home, feeling too happy that made me sleepy. Keh3!

Okay...that's all !
I just want to say this one thing.

Dear myself, お疲れ様でした!
Eventhough it was nothing cool, really, thanks you for your hard works!
もう一回、おつかれさま〜〜 ^_^
(sorry for being this annoyed girl, it just I have no one to tell me that, except for one person. ありがとう、ねえちゃん!)

My diary of 'working days of an Examination Attendants(EA) ended here, on this post.
Tomorrow, I'll do a sum up of everything; total summary of what I found/got/discovered throughout my working days.

So, until then!
Good night!

*Okay, now I'm FREE ~~ Yahooo~!*
*Well, I got a real working experience~~ Lalala~~*

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