Friday, January 18, 2013

Okay, I broke my promise....REALLY sorry about that! :P


Okay, I know,
this past way too long after what I promised since my last entry.
It's not like I'm giving excuse, just I got too busy 'continuing' my life by doing works. (yeah, totally an excuse! Haha!)

Firstly, I went to help my former school's library(as I used to be one of the librarian there) as I just truly wanted to do some job(eventhough not a formal one).
But, as the days went by(till this day), I started to become lazy going over there(well, I just went to help for about...3 days? Huhu) 
First reason, my sister got home+break from her study for about one month.
Second reason, I got 'a little' ill, might be becoz of heat stroke(?), then I got totally lazy to get up on the morning.
Third reason, I started to become a 'nocturnal' human. Haha!! I just found it really weird to describe myself like that, but yeah, that is the reality!
Lastly, I already registered my name for the driving license, for both (apparently). I got this feeling, 'It seemed like I WILL be out of the house almost everyday...''s not really what I planned...

Well, the past in the past...and I have to face the present.
I'll do my best about....erm....everything I'm doing right now.
It seems a bit hard to..., but this is my only chance right now. mean one thing.

I might update new entry irregularly...(yeah, it's not like anyone reading this, duh! Please, let me be in my worl~~d !!)

what else?
Okay, the end.
Got nothing else interesting...
Until then!

Before I forgot...,
Aiba Masaki's Tuesday drama, [Last Hope] have a REALLY 4x cool song!!
Of course, it is ARASHI that sang that song~~~
Wahaaa~~~ how happy I am!
(eventhough, I still haven't watch the 1st episode yet..Mitai yo~~)

Gaman !
Hehe.... ^_^

*[Last Hope]'s song, 'Calling'*
*Yes, the song is 'calling' me right now to hear it again and again even just a bit could be heard right now*
*starting back my new 'old' hobby, Origami~*

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