Thursday, January 3, 2013

Today was not the usual one!


Okay, becoz I have too many interesting + shocking thing happened today at my work place..,
so, let just get it on!

Day 5 :
- I arrived when it was almost 8 AM today, and managed to chat for a while with my colleagues.
- For the morning session, I (once again) got block Q (the block that have classes/venue 'underground'. Really tired, because I had to climbed up and down when any student wanted to go the toilet. Okay, fine, it IS my job afterall...
- I also got to know that the invigilator that take turn with me for bringing the student to the toilet is pregnant! What?! Okay, I didn't knew that, honestly! If I knew about it earlier, I would NEVER let her to go walk and climbed all those 'ridiculous' stairs! Okay,not really that ridiculous..
- And, another interesting stuff here, I got to patrol the venue that took the JAPANESE LANGUAGE paper!! Kyaa...!! I was totally happy this morning! And, I was able to understand almost all of it! (of course, not 100% understand, okay...)
- But somehow, before I arrived at the block Q, something really terrible happened to me! It was too terrible + embarrassed + frustrated, and I almost tried to 'ran' myself away!
- However, I do believe that every problem that come to me, there MUST be a way to resolve it..and, Alhamdulillah, I did it! Yatta~~
- Next, for the evening session, I got the PA block (which is already the...4th time for me?).
- When I met + introducing myself briefly to the two invigilators in-charge of the venue, I started to suspect the woman who I believed to be the one who we (the Malay colleagues) tried to boycott(?) / oppose becoz of some 'serious' stuff.
- Well, she looked totally normal for me this evening ; she smiled back when I smiled to her, she asked my name before I managed to introduce myself, she asked a little about myself, she talked to me at the back of the class when we were inspecting students in the middle of the exam, she kindly thanked me after the work/exam done.
- Okay, I admit that everything that I stated are true! That's why, I was wondering whether the 'rumour' that my ear got before about her was just...rumour?
- Or could it be that the day when the woman scolded one of my colleagues was her 'bad day'?
- Or, could it be that she was the different person from the woman we talked about? (Okay folks, this is the answer!)
- Or, could it be because I introduced myself.., well, kind of friendly to her?
- Or,could it be, she have double personality? (oh, I sound so cruel here...)
- Or it could be another reason other that I stated here?
- Whatever it is, the answer must be from which of those question I made above...
- Still, I felt a little guilty right now becoz I suspected her and, I to got nothing...
- Back to the venue, this is another interesting thing!
- About an hour after the paper started, almost 58 out of 78 students went out of the venue (of course, they sent their answer paper already)!
- I was like.."what..? " when, after I got back from the toilet (accompanying a student, of course), and majority students were raising their hands, asking for their answer paper to be collected, so they could get out of the venue quickly.
- It was my first experience ever after working for about 5 days. In the end, at the last 30 minutes, there was only 5 candidates left. Well, I got to rest for a while..Hehe...
- Unfortunately, I witnessed a case where one of the 5 students left; a girl was suspected for bringing in a mini-note, eventhough she said it was not hers.
- ...still, once you pick up/hold anything that have to do with the question, you'll be suspected for being dishonest in examination and you'll be suspended.
- Kind of sad actually, becoz she was in tears when she was trying to defend herself.
- Well, I just a witness.., so I have nothing to do with it.
- After I got back from the PA's block, dashed to our 'office' and started to tear all the used papers and whatsoever.
- We were discharged from work 5 minutes early today...Hehe...
- I bought an ice blended from 'Each A Cup' shop...and it was delicious! ^_^
- Went to 'pasar malam' before arrived home.

The End.

Okay, today was full with happenings, seriously.
But, I like that to be in my memories+experience.
It could be a good thing one day, who knows~

Later than,
abayo~~ (it's Okinawa's style of saying goodbye)

*Hurry up! I dying to watch Arashi ni Shiyagare New Year SP right now!!*
*It was revealed that actually, I only work until the 10th January....Hah!?*

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